Image and Video on Your Website

The homepage does not consist of only letters, so it is common for images and videos to be listed on the home page.

In addition, it is common that illustrations and logos are used in various ways, but how are these images, videos, illustrations and logos produced?

Images may be taken with digital cameras, etc., and may be used using software such as Photoshop, or may be used as free materials provided by third parties on the website.

Of course, logos and illustrations are the same, but logos and illustrations can be created using software called an illustrator.

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Anyone can create illustrations, logos, images, etc. if they study to some extent, but the hard part is videos.

If you share it with a video site, you can easily write it on the home page, or you can easily put it on your own.

However, when creating animations or original videos, it will be a very difficult task, as it is created using a software called Flash.

Therefore, there are many websites that do not include videos, but since videos are easier to understand in product descriptions, websites that are explained in videos are also increasing.
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